Theresa Caragol is a frequent contributor to Penton Publishing including The Whir, HostingCon and VarGuy.  Theresa also publishes her own blog. Sample topics include technology trends, channel best practices, women in business, and the evolution of cloud and managed services.

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Collaboration means new business for MSP’s & Solution Providers – 2017

The art is now a science to be built into your company’s DNA and your service and solution offerings As we enter 2017, we have mu ltiple generations in the workplace, new and alternative communication tools available to us, and we see a stream of mergers and acquisitions already underway in the New Year.  All…

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The New Consultative Channel Manager Role

The Lunch & Learn Channel Manager is Dead: The New 2016 CAM Trusted Advisor “Are you free to catch a ball game, play a round of golf, or catch a show at the Apollo?”  The channel has a great legacy of old-school sales techniques to help gain the trust and commitment of partners for your…

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Partner Compatibility Strategies for MSPs, CSPs and Hosting Providers Best Practices for Enabling your Go to Market Model – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we explored the overall vendor mix and compatibility strategies in building an ecosystem, what they might look like and some of the challenges in building our vendor/partner relationships.  Although there is no guaranteed formula in creating and supporting these ecosystems, there are best practices to employ when managing them. …

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Partner Compatibility Strategies for MSPs, CSPs and Hosting Providers Managing The Vendor Mix and Vendor types for your go to market Model – Part 1

As the mix of cloud services increase beyond just IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, we, as MSPs and CSPs, continue to evaluate our partnering strategies and vendor relationships as a competitive differentiator. New end customer demands call for an increase in the number of different cloud services and an immediate expected integration between these services, including…

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CEOs and Executive Teams Trusted Advisors: Who Should I Surround Myself with as My “ Trusted Advisor” Partners to Help Me Succeed?

The notion that CEOs and Executives are the sole visionaries who can lead and drive a company to success with no outside help is long gone.  Those leaders who leverage outside help go farther, faster and research shows are significantly more successful in both the short and long term.  Whether you are a CEO, a…

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Strategic Channel Alliance – An Emerging Partnership Type in the Channel Datapipe and Equinix Success Story

As channel partnerships continue to deepen and evolve, we see the continuum of partnership types expand.  Years ago we could clearly delineate a channel partner from a strategic alliance.  Today, those lines are blurring. Datapipe and Equinix represent a classic example of this. What started 16 years ago as a customer and vendor relationship between…

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The Power and Profitability of Women in Tech

A 2016 Peterson Institute study concluded that inclusion of women in leadership roles has a positive impact on company profits. It surveyed 21,980 companies globally across 91 countries and found that companies that had at least 2 women in executive positions in the C-Suite and 2 women in board positions actually had higher profitability than…

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Individual and Systemic Trust: the Most Fundamental Ingredient for Partnerships

Next Generation Partner Ecosystems What is the number one ingredient for successful partnerships? Trust – both individual and systemic trust. What is the number 1 reason alliances and acquisitions (the deepest type of partnerships) fail? Inability to integrate cultures; trust is the number 1 ingredient underpinning culture. Individual trust is defined as congruence between what…

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Impartner Teams With Channel Industry Experts to Address Top Challenges Transforming Channel Chiefs into Insomniacs

New eBook provides key insights and strategies on how to take control of your indirect channel operations, move business ahead and sleep like a baby. SILICON SLOPES, Utah—May 12, 2016—Indirect channels are having a moment in the market.  A constrained talent pool and the need to rapidly expand into diverse geographies mean more companies are looking to…

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Next Generation Partner Ecosystems

How many of us believe we can force multiply our businesses through partnerships and channels? Steve Case, ex CEO of AOL speaks at graduation commencements about his 3 Ps for success: People, passion, perseverance, and in 2014 at Georgetown University he added policy, and partnerships. He asserts that the next generation must be great at building partnerships, at establishing…

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