No Matter the Venue, Theresa Delivers the WOW

Whether delivering a keynote in front of 1000’s, to facilitating conference panels or internal meetings, Theresa’s speaking philosophy centers around a passion for engaging the audience.

Theresa believes people learn best when they are engaged, energized, and educated, and focuses on three tenets in every speaking engagement. High energy and thought provoking, Theresa always elevates and challenges the audience to consider innovative ideas and methods to approach business.

Theresa speaks regularly at IT industry channel events, corporations, sales kick offs, partner conferences and symposiums for both large and small groups settings.


Theresa’s work on the below topics is available through her partnering performance consulting firm, AchieveUnite.

Custom topics around leadership, partnering excellence, and diversity, equity, and inclusion topics are also available, and Theresa looks forward to discussing your needs with you.

Leadership by Inclusion and Influence:
Why and how building an inclusive culture is good for individuals, good for companies, good for society, and good for innovation! Learn 10 strategies for leading with diversity and inclusion top of mind.

Five Strategies for Getting Your Voice Heard in a Virtual World:
It is not unusual to hear complaints, from people at all levels of organizations, to say that they can’t get their voices heard.  While women and other minority groups experience this the most, some men experience this difficulty as well.  “Getting Your Voice Heard”, offers practical suggestions to help men and women step into their power and get the attention they deserve for their opinions and ideas.

Leadership By Influence: Innovate Yourself
Men and Women or Women only – used in women and diversity in house company sessions:

  • How do you create a personal and authentic brand and leadership?
  • The key to building your personal channel leadership roadmap.
  • What are the behaviors that make strong women leaders?
  • How to navigate challenging relationships.
  • How to become more influential while maintaining your confidence and soul.

Partner LifeTime Value®:
Partner LifeTime Value brings quantified measures to the value of collaborative partnering, a theory originated and researched by AchieveUnite and the University of Glasglow.

Partnering Success or PLTV – It’s not nice to have; it’s a must-have for your company and your own success. We often talk about the IQ of Partnerships, Channels, and Strategic Alliances.  This session will focus on the importance of EQ and IQ in building good partnerships. What are the ingredients of successful company cultures, critical EQ skills leaders must have, and the processes that must underpin those for successful partnerships?

We’ll answer the following questions:

  • What are the ingredients of successful partner-oriented growth companies?
  • What underpins these successful partnerships?
  • What are the top 10 partnering leadership skills essential to an individual’s success?

The State of Partner Experience – Easy to Use is the New Key to the Kingdom:
Do profitable product/s trump everything for partners in choosing a vendor. Not anymore, according to a new major study from Comptia and channel strategy firm AchieveUnite. If your business is in the too-hard to deal with pile, in a pandemic-driven new world order, your business will lose out to companies who have invested in making sure their partner experience is a strategic competitive business for their business. Engage Theresa for your audience to learn more about why ignoring partner experience in today’s market puts the lifetime value of your partners in peril.

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