“This is an excellent course and Theresa Caragol is a channel legend! You’ll love her class”

Marc Monday, SAP

“The CAM training Theresa conducted was top notch and she’s the best!!”


“A phenomenal leader with a passion for strategy and business development.”

Allison Amadia, General Counsel Kenandy

“We met Theresa Caragol, the CompTIA facilitator, and a day and a half latter we are wowed. The material was excellent and Theresa is the best. She kept the entire group engaged, 100% participation, gave us new ideas, organized old ones, made us think, and created an environment that was fun. Theresa teed up the rest of our sales meeting with these first two days and our meeting was one of the best ever. Our CEO, Neil Lichtman, who is not known to be loose with a buck offered her a job at the end, that’s how good she was.”

Steven Francis, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Zultys

“Theresa assisted Carousel with our overall data networking strategy and messaging, developing some key new partnerships including Gigamon and HP, and expanding and reinvigorating existing vendor partnerships including Juniper, Aruba, Fortinet, and Extreme. She also assisted me with interviewing our permanent Data Leader and helping him structure his strategy and organization model. I would recommend Theresa for building successful vendor partnerships anytime.”

Jim Marsh, Chief Revenue Officer, Carousel Industries

“What makes Theresa Caragol stand out in the world of channel strategy and marketing is not that she’s well connected (which she is), but rather how she connects the dots between those relationships to the benefit of everyone. Rarely have I met someone with her combination of experience, strategic ability and warmth who is so capable and willing to bring people and conversations together in a way that helps advance everyone’s thinking. She’s a force.”

Kerry Desberg, Marketing Director, Impartner

“Theresa did a great job leading education over a webinar. Thanks for making it practical and tying the link for me with the Verizon flavor. It made the content relevant and fitted for purpose.”

David Claxton, Corporate, Indirect and Medium Business, Verizon

“Theresa did a fantastic job educating our team on the value of channels.”

Sachin Vora, Leader, Concur Technologies Channel

“I was able to utilize what I learned almost immediately, the day after Theresa’s partnering for success workshop. She helped me improve my approach, and realize and overcome some of my own blindspots for success.”

Traci Converse, Blackmesh

“Theresa’s channel knowledge, insights and true “Channel Chief” experience brings so much value to not only our organization, but our audience of partners and vendors. Her passion for bringing channel best practices and action-based programs makes her a perfect channel expert and consulting partner.”

Debbie Kane, Director of Channel Brands

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